Lower. Leaner. Faster. Never before have you experienced control and exhilaration quite like this. Feel the confidence and take control of your C5 Corvette like never before. Z06, Z51...Nothing even comes clsoe to a Pfadt Equiped C5 Corvette. Leave them in the dust

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Tighter Turns. More Control. The only body roll you'll still have is in your spare tire. The C5 Corvette (z06 and z51 included) oversteer far too much. Correct it and go faster. Its really that simple. Transform your C5.

Pfadt Race Enigneering swaybars

Trust us. Johnny knows a thing or two about handling.

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Its all about the simple pleasures in life. Whether its a trip to the race track or an evening cruise to dinner, your we have your C5 covered.

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Start pushing the limits of your C5 like it was designed for, and then realize you can go so much further. The Corvette has bushings that are far to sloppy. Tighten them up, and go fast. Its that simple.

Pfadt Race Enigneering spherical bushings

When it comes to getting something right, you don't cut corners. Our chassis components help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. From engine mounts, to bearings, your C5 Corvette is covered.

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Want a team of engineers to do the math so you don't have to? Its all put together, its only the best, and it will transform your C5 Corvette

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