Pfadt Tri-Y Headers deliver power you can feel. There's a reason that almost every race car runs a Tri-Y Header - race cars need the maximum power and torque available to be competitive and to win. We deliver those advantages without hinder to your 2010-2014 5th Generation Camaro- as well as a lot of cool aesthetic touches that you didn't even know you wanted. The only down side we can see is the friends you may lose to jealousy.

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The excitement and invigoration you're looking for are finally within your reach. Industries get complacent. Old standards become accepted. But every so often something revolutionary happens and the old ways seem archaic. Enter the Pfadt Tri-Y Header for your 5th generation Camaro. More power. More Torque. More of what you deserve.

Numbers don't lie. From Seattle to Miami the best tuner shops have confirmed Pfadt Tri-Y Headers deliver the top torque and highest peak power numbers versus old style four-into-one headers. Better engineering means better performance and we do it all to get you where you're going - faster. The LS engine in the 5th Generation Camaro needs a Tri-Y long tube header design to fully utilize its potential.

Again, a 2010+ Camaro shows that its not about marketing, its about results. Pfadt's Tri-Y Camaro Heades will outperform any other design....

At the end of the day, the thing that matters most about your headers is making your Camaro feel powerful and aggressive. We've got you covered, but we didn't stop there. Lift the hood and show off the ultimate in header hardware. There is no doubting that these perform as good as they look.

The typical gains on 5th gen Camaros with Tri-Y's are exceptional, but it doesn't end there. To match the new excitement of your Camaro, we have developed the most advanced, precision built long tube header on the market..

Quality, engineering, and a long legacy of racing are what inspire us at Pfadt. The 2010-2014 Camaro has all the potential exceed our just needs to be unleashed.

Pfadt's 5th Generation Camaro Headers. More Torque. More Power. Pfeel the Difference.

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