Rear Trailing Arms - It's all about traction and with our Rear Trailing Arms you get what you paid for. We could tell you all about how light-weight our Arms are and how that translates to a better handling 5th Gen. Camaro, but what you really need to know is that with our Trailing Arms your 2010- 2014 Camaro has traction like never before. Consider pairing these with the Rear Tie Rods for the ultimate traction upgrade.

camaro trailing arms

Rear Tie Rods - Like the Rear Trailing Arms, upgrading to our Rear Tie Rods improves traction and helps you get where you're going faster. All 5th Generation Camaro drag racers know that hooking up for a good launch is key and with our Tie Rods and Trailing Arms you'll be unstoppable.

camaro rear tie rods

Solid Subframe Mounts - By solidly mounting the rear subframe you will find that your 2010-2014 Camaro feels more precise and reacts to your steering inputs more quickly. Drag racers will find that your launches are more controlled and wheel hop is drastically reduced if not eliminated. The control and stability you need to keep your Camaro moving fast are now within reach.

camaro subframe mounts

Engine Mounts - Increase throttle response and reduce power-train shake with this lightweight, well designed package. Our mounts are lighter than stock and every last ounce counts. An excellent solution for any high horsepower or high performance 2010-2014 Camaro, we've approached these mounts as a complete system to limit unnecessary powertrain movement.

camaro engine mounts

Wheel Spacers - With a stack of these in your race trailer it's easy to optimize just about any tire and wheel combination. These spacers will help your wheels fit a variety of big brake packages for maximum track day performance. A set of the Pfadt 10MM wheel spacers are a quick way to move the wheels on your Camaro out a little and fill out the wheel wells. Good functionality and good looks all in one simple place.

camaro wheel spacers