Your 5th gen Camaro is your pride and joy. Adding Pfadt FeatherLight Generation Coilovers elevates that experience by equipping you with the freedom and control you need to prepare your Camaro for whatever your day holds. Want to tuck the wheels for the ultimate slammed look? Got it. Want to corner like you're on rails one minute then cruise to dinner the next? Done. With Pfadt Coilovers, we've got you covered. 2010-2014 Camaros

Getting your 2010-2012 Camaro looking low and mean is a snap with Pfadt Coilovers. Armed with the simple spanner wrench we give you, lowering your Camaro takes just minutes. Not only will you get the aggressive appearance you're after, rest assured your ride will feel as good as it looks. No serious 5th generation Camaro driver should overlook something so critical.

When General Motors called and extended us an offer to be a member of the prestigious General Motors Performance Parts program we said yes, then threw a celebration. Installing Pfadt GMPP coilovers on your 5th gen Camaro sets you apart from the pack and puts you on the road with the confidence and security that comes only with Pfadt. Drive inspired, drive assured. Available for all 2010-2014 Camaro's

The Camaro was born to drag race. Smokey burn outs are in its blood. Let your 5th generation Camaro dominate at the drag strip with the only coilovers designed and tested specifically for drag racing. Hook up and get it done.