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Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings - Pfadt Polyurethane Control Arm bushings will make your Corvette respond to turns like the super car that it is. Our poly bushings reduce deflection and friction to make the most of your alignment which means quicker steering response, braking response, and a more sporting ride.

Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings

Camber Kit - You'll spend a lot of money getting a performance alignment done on your car - that setting can quickly change just by hitting a pot hole or dropping two wheels off the track. Don't risk tearing up an expensive set of tires because of an alignment eccentric that has slipped. Install our camber kit and keep your hard-earned performance alignment in place.

corvette camber kits

Engine Mounts - Increase throttle response and reduce power-train shake with this lightweight, well designed package. Our mounts are lighter than stock and every last ounce counts. Our Engine mounts reduce the massive powertrain shake (sometimes mistaken as wheel hop) that is common in the Corvette. An excellent solution for high horsepower or high performance Corvettes, we've approached these mounts as a complete system to limit unnecessary movement.

corvette engine mounts

Transmission Mounts - Hold the powertrain in place like never before with our uniquely designed transmission brace. Our mounts reduce the massive powertrain shake (sometimes mistaken as wheel hop) that is common in the Corvette. We've approached these mounts as a complete system to limit unnecessary movement, reduce weight, and provide an unbeatable solution for making the most of your horsepower.

camaro coilovers

SKF Wheel Bearings - Our hubs eliminate the need for frequent replacement, reduce long pedal/brake pad knock back, poor pad wear, and reduce the potential for broken flanges. That's a lot of features from one little product. If you're going to race, Pfadt/SKF hubs are the only game in town. Designed for durability and to maintain preload at sustained loading of 1.2g, these units were tested and proven on some of the European GT3 Corvettes for an entire race season. 1997-2008 only.

skf wheel bearings

Tow Hooks - Everyone needs a hand sometimes and our tow hooks make it easy. Now you don't have to worry about getting stuck in the gravel at your next track day because Pfadt tow hooks are simple to install and even easier for the safety crew to find. You'll be back on track in no time.

tow hooks

Wheel Spacers - With a stack of these in your race trailer it's easy to optimize just about any tire and wheel combination. These spacers will help your wheels fit a variety of big brake packages for maximum track day performance. A set of the Pfadt 10MM wheel spacers are a quick way to move the wheels on your C6 Z06 out a little and fill out the wheel wells. Good functionality and good looks all in one simple place.

wheel spacers

Lug Nuts and Wheel Studs - You race hard and our optimized studs and lug nuts are up to the challenge. Don't risk losing a race due to equipment that isn't up to racer spec. These are the exact items you will find being used in Grand Am professional road racing. We've taken extra steps with these, using fancy coatings like Teflon-Molybdenum, but all that means to you is extra confidence in your race car, just like the pros. Every turn, every pass, every win.

corvette lug nuts