It may be cliche to discuss a car 'cornering like its on rails' but we won't argue with the concept. Pfadt Sway Bars provide you with confidence in the turns by keeping the tires connected to the road in a way that is uniquely optimized for your Corvette. Don't settle for a sway bar that merely fits, demand the bars that deliver the quality, passion and drive that match your own. There is no single suspension upgrade that will have the impact on a C6 Corvette

You're already ahead of the competition if you realize that one of the most important functions of a sway bar is to provide balance between the front and rear of the car. We know your Corvette is unique and our adjustable sway bars give you the power to fine tune to your individual set up. Like any of life's excesses, you can have too much of a good thing, but with Pfadt sway bars you'll have exactly what you need to keep your C6 Corvette in balance and ahead of the pack.

Pfadt Heavy Rate and Light Rate sway bars don't just look pretty, they've got the brains to take your performance to the next level. Looking to spend most of your time on a road racing track or at the drag strip with your Corvette? The Heavy Rate bars fuel your competitive edge. Want the ultimate in performance while spending your time on spirited street driving? The Light Rate bars ignite your passion even if you're not on a race track.

With the Johnny O'Connell Corvette Sway Bars you can carry the spirit of Johnny's LeMans wins on every drive you take, be it to the race track or to dinner. Pair these sway bars with the Johnny O'Connell Shock Absorbers and you've got a match made in heaven.Designed specifically for the C6 Corvettes, you are getting the experience of Johnny O'Connell to help guide you around turns.

Wheel hop and uneven torque transfer ultimately lead to loss of traction, which is the enemy of a good hard drag with your C6. The Pfadt Drag Race Rear Sway Bar is your best ally. Designed to be both strong and lightweight, our rear bar ensures the power meets the track by transferring all the energy to the wheels on your vette. We get you the hook up so you score the win.

Details and tech info. Heavy and Light Rate sway bars and the Drag Race bar all feature:

    •  hollow 4130 Chromoly steel
    •  Teflon lined custom heim joints
    •  aircraft grade anodized aluminum arms
    •  available with and without
    pillow mounting blocks