Be Unstoppable. You want it all for your C5 and Pfadt FeatherLight Generation Coilovers deliver by equipping you with the freedom and control you need prepare your Corvette for whatever your day holds. Want to tuck the wheels for the ultimate slammed look? Got it. Want to corner like you're on rails one minute then cruise to dinner the next? Done. With Pfadt Coilovers, we've got you covered. From the Z06 to the coupe, take your C5 to that next level

Owning a Corvette means having high expectations, and enjoying every moment behind the wheel. Adding Pfadt Coilovers to you C5 elevates that experience by taking a great platform and adding precisely the right amount of control. We can talk about damping characteristics and spring rates but the ultimate outcome is a ride that is comfortable, predictable, sporting and just plain inspiring to drive.

Looks aren't everything, but let's face it they matter. The C5 Corvette comes from the factory riding very high. Getting your Corvette looking low and mean is a snap with Pfadt Coilovers. Armed with the simple spanner wrench we give you, lowering your Corvette takes just minutes. Not only will you get the aggressive appearance you're after, your ride will feel as good as it looks.

Adjusting the ride quality on Pfadt C5 Coilovers is about as easy as adjusting the volume on your radio. Turn the easy-access knob down and you're ready for a smooth evening cruise. Turn it up and blast around corners with the energy and performance worthy of a race car. You can't go wrong and the choice is always yours.

We've all been watching Johnny O'Connell for years behind the wheel of GM's most winning factory Corvette race cars. If you ever wished you could have a Corvette racing legend help get your car set up for the ultimate in track performance and street comfort, now is your chance. This package takes the guesswork out of trimming seconds off of your lap times and gives you the confidence and control to be your best. Optimized for C5 Corvettes, think of it as Johnny's way of sharing his LeMans wins with you every time you dial it up at the race track, or dial it down for an easy drive home.

For all you techie's, here's what will launch your C5 to the next level:

  • Inverted design for less unsprung mass
  • Exclusive Ball on Axis (BOA) mount features sealed bearing
  • Integrated remote reservoir for exceptional gas volume
  • Mill spec body tube coating
  • PTFE low friction seals